Media Track

About the Media Track Art Trolley

This piece was custom designed for a client who wished to hide his flat-screen television behind original artwork and who was unable due to site constraints to recess the TV into the wall. In keeping with his Transitional Pacific Northwest style (somewhere between modern and traditional), we modernized the shape of traditional cove moldings to create a steel profile that would allow the painting to hang out from the wall far enough to clear the TV. An easel-like clamping system was developed to hold the frameless painting for a more contemporary look. The glide roller system is engineered such that the client may access his television simply by using a single finger to push the painting clear out of the way. This piece may be modified to have a thinner profile for recessed televisions or to have a more modern shape. It can be made with multiple rollers and in almost any length.

Smooth Bar and Plate in Graphite Finish (as shown)