Lemonade Stand

About the Lemonade Stand

Designed in collaboration with The Brandt Design Group, the Lemonade Stand was designed to be the Best Lemonade Stand Ever for an advertising campaign dubbed The Lemonaire and launched by Seattle-based Ad Firm CREATURE, and their client Umpqua Bank. The Umpqua campaign highlights the entrepreneurial spirit by showing their support for the quintessential small-business owner, the child and his/her lemonade stand. Featured in a viral short film and full-page newspaper advertisements, the creative campaign gained national attention, including notice from the New York Times.

Built to the scale of a child, the design for the stand features simple fastener-free assembly, recycled and recyclable materials, and customizable translucent panels for each child to show their unique personality. The stand disassembles in seconds and packs into a self-contained unit that can be easily stored or transported.