Kissing Step

About the Kissing Step and Ring Bearer’s Tray

For the vertically challenged bride (or groom), have your “First Kiss” eye to eye.

The concept for the Kissing Step is imbued with meaning and symbolism. It is built of two main pieces (one made of blackened steel and the other of black walnut), neither of which can function as a step on their own. When slid together, they forge a strong functional “kissing” step representing the strength of uniting of two people in marriage. While each person/piece has its own unique and inherent strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics, they need to work together to make the marriage/step work.

The step has no fasteners, and is only held together by the custom Ring Bearer’s Tray, which slides into the intersection between the wood and steel to “lock” them together. The lack of fasteners (screws/nails, etc.) and the use of the Ring Bearer’s Tray as the pin that holds everything together is a recognition of the fact that it is only our vows and mutual commitment to working together that will keep the marriage intact and healthy. At the same time, each component retains its individuality.

The symbolic nature of the design of this piece makes its assembly and use a meaningful addition to a wedding ceremony.

Solid Claro Walnut and Blackened Steel

10″ overall depth x 21.75″ overall length x 10″ overall height with 8″ height at wood step (as shown)