Our furniture exceeds even the highest-quality furniture industry standards. For us, this emphasis on quality is a matter of pride. At Sara Wise Design, sustainability and quality are one in the same. In our view, in order for furniture to be truly sustainable, it must be conceived with equal consideration of the following:

1. A timeless aesthetic, insuring decades of use and enjoyment. Pieces that will be desired for generations.
2. Unsurpassed quality. Furniture that can endure extensive use and “age gracefully” with time, and be able to be refinished to take on a new life or repair accidental damage.
3. Environmentally-conscientious construction, materials, and finishes.
4. Local fabrication.

We believe our design process, talent, and love for our craft help us to create pieces of enduring style and sophistication. Such pieces are more sustainable by extending the life of the piece. Additionally, we design with “change” in mind. Several pieces are designed such that they can be easily modified to change their aesthetic to give it a fresh look (for example, the 3-Form panels of the Intersect Shelves can be recycled and replaced with new ones for a completely new look).
Our quality is truly unmatched. We use solid wood material or veneers that are several times thicker than the industry-standard thin veneers and likewise, use much thicker material for edge-banding. This construction means that our pieces are much less prone to damage, and if they do get damaged, they are easier to repair (even multiple times) given that they can be sanded several times and refinished. Likewise, if a space is remodeled or the piece is moved to a new location, the piece may be refinished to match its new environment, giving new life to the piece. The strength of our metal furniture frames is clearly a durable construction. This increased durability and ability to be modified means that our pieces will last much longer than other high-end collections, which is a key feature of truly sustainable design.

We pride ourselves on staying current on new products, technologies, and sources for the most sustainable materials. Sometimes, these new products are the inspiration for new furniture designs. We have Low-VOC options for all of our finishes and use formaldehyde-free plywood for our cores. We recycle excess material waste. We source dead-standing wood slabs (trees are dead before harvesting) and cut many of our own veneers from such wood. Where this material is not available, we source FSC-certified woods.

Each Sara Wise Design piece is conceived and crafted within a 10-mile corridor. This strategy insures that Sara has direct oversight of each piece and means that we have a much smaller energy footprint in production. It also means that we support many small locally-owned business and have developed excellent partnerships with all of them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions or requests about our sustainable design processes or inquire about our help in gaining LEED Certification.